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The hotel is being designed with a mountain modern feel and has an open-concept restaurant and retail frontage integrated into the sidewalk bordering North Lake Boulevard. There will be a total of 10,500 square feet of ground floor commercial space that will offer opportunities for local restaurants, coffee shops, and retail options.

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Care has been taken to maintain the viewshed along the sidewalk adjacent to North Lake Boulevard. This side of the building is mostly one story and steps back toward the rear of the property as the building height increases.

The overall hotel and retail design is intended to encourage walkability. Visitors will park in an underground lot and be able to access local businesses, coffee shops and restaurants on-site. Beautiful Lake Tahoe is directly across the street. And public transit to ski resorts is available right outside the front entry.

The hotel is located along North Lake Boulevard between Raccoon and Fox Streets in Kings Beach. It sits on a 3.5-acre site and is part of the Kings Beach commercial corridor that has been slated for redevelopment by Placer County.

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